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Services & Fees

Initial visit  - 60-90 minutes                    $495

Follow up visit -  up to 30 minutes           $200

Follow up visit - 31 -45 minutes               $220

Follow up visit 60 minutes                      $292

*Visits are based on time spent with Dr. Becker and the complexity of the visit. Visit fees may be prorated if they fall in between or in excess of the specified visit times above.

*Visits will cover the same detailed information whether they are done in-person or by phone and will be charged at the same rate. Payment is due at the time of visit. 


Insurance and Medicare: 

Our office does not bill insurance companies, but we will supply you with all insurance codes necessary to submit your claims for reimbursement. Insurance companies classify Naturopathic Doctors as “out of network” physicians and reimbursement will depend on the terms of your specific policy.  Medicare will not reimburse for services rendered by naturopathic physicians. 


Flexible Spending Plans & Health Savings Accounts:

Both Flex Spending Plans and Health Savings Accounts can often be used to cover visit fees and nutritional/herbal supplements not covered by your insurance. In addition, they typically cover any laboratory fees not covered by insurance and most nutritional or herbal supplements prescribed.   

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