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Your Doctor Says Your Labs are "Normal" but You Still Feel Sick

I've often heard this phrase from patients, "My doctors have told me that my blood work is normal but I don't feel well."  Normal is not the same as OPTIMAL.  I share with these patients what I see that is not optimal and what are the root causes of their symptoms. 


One reason for this is that many doctors only go by the standard lab reference ranges which reflect Americans, not optimal healthy target ranges. I've seen these "normal" target ranges be adjusted over time as America gets less healthy.  I will teach you how to look at these results in a more wholistic or integrative way and to use an approach emphasizing prevention when analyzing blood results.

It's so rewarding to be able to identify and share this valuable information with patients and  to have the opportunity to make a difference, not only in how they feel, but in their long-term health. Given the frequency that I encounter these findings that are overlooked in interpreting lab results, I wanted to offer this service to allow more people the opportunity to truly understand and act on these findings. 

In health,

Dr. Stephanie Becker

Get the answers you seek

  • Frustrated or confused trying to decode your lab results? 

  • Told that your results are "normal" yet you still don't feel well?

  • Want to understand the true reference ranges for optimal wellness and not those that reflect both sick and healthy Americans?

  • Like to be informed about additional tests to run for a more comprehensive health picture? 

What you will get

Medical form with stethoscope
  • A one-on-one 15 minute phone consultation with Dr. Stephanie Becker to discuss your lab results.

  • A wholistic view of your health.

  • Recommendations for additional tests to run for a more comprehensive health picture based on your results.

  • Feedback on any existing illnesses and any areas of health that require attention. 


  • *Limited Offer - For a limited time with this analysis you will receive free - Essential Wellness Podcast by Dr. Becker - Outlining her recommendations for 5 key daily essential wellness supplements for optimal wellness including rationale for use.